Mitch Is The Creator of Color University and The Plug For All Things Cool

Mitch is responsible for promoting party series, Feel Good, and now Darling Nikki, as well as Church on Sunday. 

Mitch, 28, is a purveyor of cool. Originally from uptown Washington, D.C. He is a recognizable face at popular streetwear destination, Commonwealth, located on 14th Street NW. However, his 5 years working at Commonwealth serve as a nexus. He’s responsible for promoting party series, Feel Good, and now Darling Nikki, as well as Church on Sunday. 

Mitch is a recognizable face at popular street wear destination.

Working at Commonwealth you kind of get to see everyone,” Mitch tells the Washington Informer Bridge during a recent phone call. In D.C., sneaker stores play an intricate role in bridging communities and starting projects. Mitch’s story is no different.

I was working at Commonwealth and I was also throwing parties, so people would see me here and they would go ‘oh what’s going on tonight?’ I’d go well, I got a party. They would literally buy something from me and then come to the party later,” he says. 

His launch into the world of party promotion began with Feel Good, a party series started by Spinser Tracy and DJ Heat. He helped to promote the party series for a few years until it ended at the start of the pandemic. 

However, his parlay into party promotion doesn’t end here. This summer he started promoting the new party series, Darling Nikki, and more recently No Church on Sunday. Mitch never seems to take for granted his ability to charm an audience with what’s cool and what’s next, a skill that translates well beyond promoting parties and working the sales floor of Commonwealth. 

Perhaps most notably, he’s the man behind the fast-growing streetwear brand, Color University, and the curatorial musical explosion, Color Radio, a collection of DJ mixes. “I think color symbolizes unity and people coming together,” he says. 

The university part, I pretty much based the brand around art school. I feel like in regular school, some were artistic or who didn’t want to go to a regular college, who went to art school, some of those kids might have been considered weird or different. However, art school was the place they could be themselves,” he continues. 

Mitch started developing the Color University around 2017 while attending The Art Institute of Washington.

The genius of Color University began around 2017. Mitch started developing the brand while attending The Art Institute of Washington, where he graduated with a degree in Fashion and Business Marketing. “I didn’t even take it seriously then, it was just something I was doing in my free time,” he says. His free time occupation continues to expand. 

His campaigns include close friends, Christian, Ling, Sesen, and Hamza, he notes. His most recent collection which dropped in June features trucker hats and rainbow screen printed Color Radio t-shirts. The campaign was inspired by graduation day and shot by a D.C.-area photographer, Jazzyln. “I just happened to have my collection done and I knew it was graduation time. I kinda came up with the theme on the fly,” he says, sharing the concept behind the campaign.  

His brightly-hued trucker hats, screen-printed t-shirts, and basketball shorts can be spotted everywhere around D.C., and now even in Columbus, Ohio, where his apparel is available for purchase at Amongst Peers, a community retail space.

As Mitch continues to leave his imprint on D.C. culture, whether evangelizing the next party, spreading new DJ mixes, or hipping those curious to Color University, leveraging where he’s at and sharing with a multitude of communities appears to be Mitch’s greatest talent. 

His plans for the future include working with artists under Color Radio. “I wouldn’t necessarily manage artists, but perhaps I’d work with them on the creative side by helping them promote their music,” he says. His plans for Color University are just as ambitious and even full circle. 

Color University should be available at Commonwealth sometime this fall/winter. My plans are just to continuously grow,” he says.

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