Darling Nikki: A Cultural Powerhouse

Darling Nikki is a collective project including content creation, music production, and good ‘ol partying that won’t break your budget.

Jerome Baker 3rd
Age: 41
Born in Mesa, Arizona
16 years DJing in D.C., Co-Founder Rock Creek Social Club (2010)

Age: 39
Born in Washington, D.C.
10 years DJing in D.C.

What is Darling Nikki?

It’s a collective project including content creation, music production, and good ‘ol partying that won’t break your budget. The name is a homage to Prince. His music spans multiple genres so we do the same in our events. Plus, it’s one of the best songs ever!

What’s the motivation?

We wanted to give D.C. something different and pay homage to lost venues like 18th Street Lounge, Velvet Lounge, and Marvin. Many D.C. parties are focused on one lane, ie: trap music or tech/house. We missed the dance party days and Capo [Italian Deli, 715A Florida Ave N.W.] allowed us to do our thing in their venue. Being on U Street certainly helps. 

We’ve had nights with major artists like Kaytranada, but we also have a great time on chill nights. We pay attention to customer feedback and try to provide the best experience we can. It’s also our first time really working so closely so we hope it’s a vibe you can’t find everywhere. We’ve got some major bangers on the way!

We hope to be known for our diversity in music, crowd, and stellar customer service. We’re already friends, but each has our own community. This is us bringing all of those people together, which is what we think D.C. needs. No frills, no hype, just great people and a great party! We support each other’s endeavors. Mathias opened up for Kaytranada and Black Coffee and the whole team was there. 

Favorite Venues Past & Present

Mathias: Velvet Lounge, Marvin, Rock & Roll Hotel, U Street Music Hall / Capo, Little Miss Whiskey, Wild Days.

JB3: Recess, Marvin, Donovan House / The future is bright and there are many venues on the come up. 

Favorite Music to Spin in D.C. 

This city is very diverse and we think we have the best crowds. We can play MGMT or Moombahton music in the same space we play Shy Glizzy and Bad Bunny. People here can be critical to the point where they’re judging your transitions so you have to come correct. You can tell when the room has more native Washingtonians, but we are here also to teach so we play go-go no matter the audience. D.C. is not a place where you can pre-plan your set. We’ve seen some of our favorite DJs bomb. You really have to be able to read the audience and adapt quickly. 

Where to find us: 

Check out @DarlingNikkiDC on Instagram, Soundcloud, and our website in production. You can reach us each at @MathiasXDC and @JeromeBaker3rd on all social media. 

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