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What’s going on DC? April 16th, 2021

Welcome back to another lit week of amazing things happening here in the District.

Firstly, have you ever heard of Feed the Fridge? It’s a new effort to bring nourishment to those in need and help support business owners during the pandemic. They’re placing refrigerators around the D.C. metro area and paying local restaurants to fill them with meals daily. Find out more at this link: Feedthefridge.org.

Another organization that is helping our city is SOS1000, also known as Saving Ourselves, who are dedicated to helping our communities in all ways possible. They did just that this week, by feeding properties in the N.E. D.C. and bringing the one and only Quinn Cook, of the Los Angeles Lakers, to help. Take a look now on BridgeTV and learn more about them here SOS1000.org.

For all the tenants living in D.C., our City Council has just passed a new exception to the eviction bill. The Council voted to allow landlords to evict tenants who pose a “threat to health and safety” during the public health emergency. In other news, Maryland becomes the 25th state to end sentencing minors’ life without the possibility of parole.

In health, DC Health has canceled all Johnson & Johnson vaccines that started this week. The vaccine has unfortunately caused many citizens blood clots, causing vaccinations to halt.

Let’s switch gears to some positivity! Congratulations go to DC’s own Chef Eric Marshall who was just named “Chopped Champion” on the food networks show Chopped. Take a look at his amazing win now on BridgeTV. 

Let’s keep the congratulations going. DMV’s own Rico Nasty announces her collab with CROCS and teases new music. She also makes history as the first DMV artist to perform at the AFROPUNK festival. Our music scene just keeps getting better!

Also dropping new music today is DMV’s own IDK with his Offset assisted track “Shoot My Shot”. Speaking of shooting shots, our favorite baller KD, just released his new KD14 shoe and the fans are raving.

In education, Mayor Bowser expects DC schools to fully re-open in the fall. What do you guys think? After that Johnson and johnson health scare, I’d just cool out for a while. We saw the numbers increase significantly when we began reintroducing this idea a few months ago. (*shoulder shrug).

You guys know what today is right? Yes, you guessed it, it’s ‘Emancipation Day’ and tonight from 6 pm – 9 pm, in honor of our freedom and progression, ‘Don’t Mute DC’ and partners will be educating the area on D.C. Statehood and featuring live performances by Backyard Band and The Experience Band.

Well, there you have it, ladies & gentlemen. This sums up What’s Going On D.C. Follow me @TheMediaPrince on everything and follow the hashtag #WGODC.