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Kingpin Slim, the name in itself piques interest in those who hear it. Its a variation of his neighborhood name “Slim” which he got during his youth in the Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights section of Northwest DC. After feeling the name Slim was too close to Eminem’s alias Slim Shady, he added Kingpin, which is defined in the dictionary as boss or chief, is what he aspired to be in the industry.

Watch as he performs a ‘Slide”, a track off his upcoming album Blurred Lines.

His early recordings came via his neighborhood go go band, Young Buckz Band or YBB for short, which was formed when he and the other members were in Francis and Lincoln Junior High Schools.

After catching a distribution charge for attempting to hustle through his freshman year of college, he came home after a year in boot camp with an additional 20 lbs of muscle, not to mention a more diverse MC and quickly was signed to an independent label, Cybehype Entertainment, for which he recorded what was to be his debut, DC Ghettolistics. But due to funding and the flooding of the studio in which he recorded and kept the masters, the album was never released to
the public. He quickly was inducted as a member of Wildlife Kingdom, a popular local rap group also hailing from Northwest who sold 10,000 copies of their independent CD Welcome To The Jungle off the strength of their single “Longfellow” and cameos of No Limit recording artists, Fiend and Mr. Serv On. The group had recorded what was to be their second album, Live From The Serengeti, and was preparing for its release then group member, Sleepy Eye Bandit aka Tee was gunned down in his
Northwest neighborhood, setting back the crew and forcing the collective to regroup.

Slim, who had just beaten federal drug and weapons charges
then started traveling to NY to record solo tracks for his own album, Save The City with production team the Narcotics, who were riding high off placements they were given on LL Cool J’s and Mike Jones’ albums. Everything was looking good, after he garnered the coveted Unsigned Hype column in the Source, put out a critically acclaimed mixtape of the same name and gained recognition of fellow DC native and grammy award winning producer Rich Harrison when another setback popped up. More legal troubles arose, after Slim was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license, and sentenced to 19 months in prison, of which 16 months were suspended.

Now home and having reunited with Rich Harrison and the
Narcotics, not to mention hooked up with Mad Power Unit Management, big time party promoters who were looking to delve into management, Kingpin Slim is once again looking to fulfill the destiny he set for himself with the name Kingpin in the first place. His current material can best be described as brash, innovative and brutally honest. Riding high off the success of his hit ‘Keep Pushin”, a street anthem that is being supported by both WKYS and WPGC and preparing another mixtape as well
as negotiating with a few major labels for a distribution contract, this artist, who is generally regarded as one of if not the top lyricist in the DC Metropolitan area can be seen performing at many venues in his hometown.

If struggle builds character then we know the make up of this
man is quite strong which bodes well for anybody trying to accomplish hip hop success from DC, cause that has yet to be done. Be on the lookout for Kingpin Slim, for he represents the present in DC hip hop and future of hip hop in general. As he would say in his trademark.

Kingpen Slim Interview

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