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Sounds of the DMV | ANKHLEJOHN Interview

Divine Minde (born John Simms, October 31, 1990) is an American Hip Hop recording artist, MC, photographer/videographer, and community activist. Most known for his 2018 indie project titled Refined. John Simms was born and raised in Wilmington, DE, although he spent years as a child relocating between Philadelphia, PA, and Baltimore, MD with his family.

Watch as he performs ‘Walk’ live on Sounds of the DMV at Bridge Studios in Southeast, DC.

John Simms spent a huge portion of his childhood in Delaware. He later moved to Baltimore, MD around the age of 12 after his mother got married. Divine Minde spent a few years there before moving in with his biological father in Philadelphia, PA. Around the age of six, he started creating visual art which later transitioned to poetry and rap as he developed a love for the power of words and storytelling. As an early teen, he would skip school to record music with his friends on a karaoke machine. Most of his life has been spent moving around so Divine Minde doesn’t consider one place his hometown. Instead, he embraces universal citizenship.

Growing up he was labeled an at-risk youth and became involved with selling drugs, gangs, and street violence. When he was 17 years old he was arrested after being accused of several charges including felony armed robbery. The charges were later dropped after his case was almost moved to superior court where he would have been tried as an adult. This became a waking moment for Divine Minde as he realized he would need to find a way out of the streets.

John Simms believes his stage name, Divine Minde is an epithet of the Universal Consciousness (God, Allah, Source Energy, Grand Architect of The Universe, Mother Nature) that exists in all life within the universe. He sees his music as a tool for him to transfer universal ideas and higher thoughts to the minds of his listeners.

Most of his music is themed on the overcoming of life’s struggles and the application of divine wisdom, life lessons, and street smarts.

Youtube Channel – Time Travelling Toaster

// shot & edited by Bridge Studios / Recorded & Mixed by Keypoint Productions / Produced with DB Bantino for The Washington Informer Bridge & The Washington Informer.

Divine Minde Interview

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