DMV Men of Media Create Visibility for Local Talent

The rise of independent media platforms like Worldstar Hip-Hop, The Shade Room, Baller Alert and more have spurred a variety of new content entrepreneurs.

The rise of independent media platforms like Worldstar Hip-Hop, The Shade Room, Baller Alert and more have spurred a variety of new content entrepreneurs. As technology continues to improve, the digital media industry keeps growing. Anyone with access to the internet can join a digital platform and pursue viral fame. Although there many who dream of this fate, there are also those who attempt to create their own platforms.

We’ve seen people of color, who historically have been victimized by mass media, achieve much success in this area. It has become our prerogative to control the narrative. Whether in protest or pursuit of opportunity, independent media has become a viable industry. 

In the DMV it’s no different. Independent media has been a source of coverage for all avenues of local culture. DMV natives are leading in creating content that shares extraordinary talents and businesses that move us forward. 

In the spirit of collaboration, eight DMV-based platforms created a coalition to achieve greater visibility for local talent. It so happened that these platforms are all run by African American men, something they all realized many consider rare. 

As African American men are misrepresented in the mainstream, the DMV Men of Media stands to promote a new standard of what black voices can look like. We are dedicated to being the narraters of the diverse stories our community has to offer.

Below you will meet the founders of the eight platforms and learn more about their motivations and goals. Make sure you follow each of these on social media to stay in touch. Welcome to the DMV Men of Media:

The DMV Daily

The DMV Daily is a News & Media Platform dedicated to everything D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. It boasts the title of the #1 Source For Breaking News & Entertainment in the DMV.

The platform is headed by Abu Sillah, a Journalist and Publicist from Prince George’s County, MD. In addition to serving as CEO of The DMV Daily, he is also Marketing Manager of The Wig Café, LLC. 

In May 2018, Abu obtained his B.A. in Sociology from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is now attending Bowie State University for his M.A. in Organizational Communications. 

Outside of the world and media, Abu is also the 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher for Prince George’s County Public Schools. As Abu continues to grow and expand his knowledge and business, he also strives to help and uplifts everyone around him. 

Jukebox DC

Jukebox DC is was founded in June of 2010 by college friends Jamoris Vincent and M. Jon Powell. Their platforms aim is to provide the news, music, videos, and art that shows the continuation of our city’s culture. They represent from the streets and beyond.

Since their launch, they have done interviews with many notable artists. They’ve profiled locals artists such as Wale, Kingpen Slim, Ade, Black Cobain, and Fat Trel. Their work with artists in other regions include Big K.R.I.T., Freeway, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky, and more.

In 2011, they received the Best Breakthrough Fim Award at the DMV International Film Festival for their work with Tony Lewis Jr.’s film, Son of Life.

Big Mouf Media

Big Mouf Media is a platform covering music, entertainment & viral news. The company was founded by Darryn Brown in 2018 in North Carolina. Darryn’s platform began to grow after interviewing Da Baby, Stunna 4 Vegas, Toosii, and more before they entered the mainstream. 

In 2019, Darryn moved his platform to the DMV area. He was quickly accepted after interviewing DMV-based acts like Walk Down Will, Big Flock, Rolling Ray, and more. 

The Big Mouf Media platform continues to grow with the additions of partners Perry Paper T.V., Mel Major, and J. Ram. Big Mouf Media is growing daily and is looking forward to being a worldwide platform.


MOBoomBox was founded in 2014 by Abel Girma, Wayne Mclean, and James Spears at Old Dominion University. Their objective was to create a platform for emerging talents to showcase their craft while promoting and endorsing quality entertainment. 

Based in the DMV area, they’ve hosted several events like the RnArt series where they feature rising talents from the art and music industry. They host events so the viewers can see new talents perform live and get an overall vibe of what they bring to the culture.

Although events are an essential component of the platform, the main content focus area is on media campaign strategy for talent in the urban entertainment community. These media campaigns consist of interviews, podcasts, commercials, and write-ups. MOBoombox not only provides talent with promotion but also provides branding and advertising services. 

MOBoombox prides itself on changing the way people view media. They are at the forefront of breaking talent & giving their audience a platform they can trust. By exploring their platform, you will get a taste of what the entertainment world is becoming.

The Posh Standard

In a world where the decedents of African slaves are still fighting for a voice, Founder, Donovan demands a platform with an uplifting and informative spirit. He started The Posh Standard Media Group, LLC. to be the voice committed to invoking a change. 

With their fashion-forward approach, The Posh Standard uses media, events, and more to provide a new standard for self-promotion. You will see their motto, “Let your presence reflect excellence” as a common theme throughout their branding.

The Washington Informer Bridge

The Bridge was founded in 2015, by Lafayette Barnes IV, as a platform for DMV-based millennial to celebrate their achievements and control their narrative. Since then they’ve grown to serve as a local social hub and source for content creators of color. The platform produces a variety of content to include podcasts, video, articles, events, merchandise, and a monthly newspaper. They also provide back-end data and consult with emerging creators. 

The Bridge has told the stories of hundreds of local change-makers, entrepreneurs, artists, and more. Creators take to the streets to feature people, programs, and initiatives that uniquely address prominent youth issues in and around the DC/Metro area. Their parent-company is the oldest black-owned newspaper in D.C., The Washington Informer Newspaper. It is now in its 56th year of business. 

Their founder, Lafayette Barnes IV, is a third-generation publisher. He is the grandson of founder Calvin W. Rolark, and son of current publisher Denise Rolark Barnes. Born and raised in S.E., DC, he attended school across town at Wilson SHS before attending Howard University & The Wharton School. His passion for community, creative expression, and entrepreneurship has been honed throughout his life.

The Media Prince

The Media Prince is an International Entertainment Journalist and Media Specialist dedicated to promoting the arts and shedding light on talent throughout the world. He is known in over 25 countries for showcasing the most creative work from all areas of art. Whether it’s fashion, music, politics, or you name it, The Media Prince will cover it.

With a degree in Journalism, PR & Marketing, and a Minor in Music, The Media Prince holds the bar high. He is known to work with celebrities and up and coming talent. His writing credits include contributions to TMZ, BET, The Washington Post, HBCU Buzz, Pride Magazine, WKYS 93.9 FM & more. He has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities inclusing Megan Thee Stallion, Angela Simmons, 50 Cent, and Taraji P Henson.

Music On The Dot

Music On The Dot is a DMV-based music platform that shines light on rising acts in the DMV and beyond. It’s founder, Kris, started the blog in high school. Originally a hobby, it soon began to gain traction. 

Since its founding in 2013, the platform has had interviews artists such as YNW Melly, Money Man, 42 Dugg, and more. It has also helped artists gain a buzz in the DMV and beyond, sometimes leading to record deals. When he’s not running his music platform, Kris co-manages rising DMV artists Inkay2x and O’Mai.

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