Bashful and brilliant, Antonio Hernandez, is a Peruvian-American documentary-style storyteller and native of Washington, D.C. He lived in the Petworth neighborhood until the 4th grade when his family moved to Greenbelt, MD ultimately attending Towson University in Baltimore County.His first foray into video was a final project for a Visual Anthropology course at Towson for which he decided to make a documentary-short about a classmate and tell her story about living with a rare disease that caused her to have visible deformities. The project, Walk In My Shoes (2012) is done so well that it’s hard to tell whether Antonio was ever actually an amateur. “I’ve never really taken a course in video production, I worked an internship at Voice of America after college and that’s really where I cut my teeth— in a very trial by fire manner.”

Antonio then channeled his love for music, authentic expression and community into a blog:, the title an homage to his Peruvian heritage.His first story on Electric Llama was a photoset of D.C.’s beloved Sir E.U. in 2015. If you if you know nothing about the legendary artists coming into view in D.C yet, you should know that’s a great place to start.

Having gained experience in shooting and editing Antonio took that know-how to his blog and started his first video series, Garnish. “Garnish was supposed to be a zine about music and food, but I didn’t know how to make a zine so I made a video. It ended up being about 15 episodes I think, I don’t know but they’re all still on Youtube.” He talks about Garnish as if it was a casual pet project, but it’s actually an incredibly interesting compilation on an array of topics and key proponents from some of the most vibrant niche cultural movements in the D.C. metropolitan area and Baltimore.Ep. 08 of Garnish covered the first Glow End Theory show organized by thrown at the Black Cat on 14th back in 2016. The all female line-up featured younger versions of female artists still making moves today.

Endearing himself to the homegrown music scenes of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and Baltimore he’s been able to capture priceless footage of the early careers of the area’s most authentic artists. His Indelible Series features acts Odd Mojo, BlackFolksDon’tSwim? Kotic Couture Yanju and was inspired by the footage captured the historic night Odd Mojo opened for one of her favorite artists JUNGLEPUSSY at Songbyrd.

He tells the stories in a very intentional way down to the audio editing. Also known as DJ Vicunyah, Antonio says DJing helped him learn to cut audio for his videos: “you hear the atmosphere, then you hear the speaker, and then you’re back in the crowd in the thick of the show.” Indelible, unlike Garnish that was beautifully shot in full color, is entirely in black and white. Antonio explains the decision to do so was first for practical reasons, he felt some of the footage was “too bright.”

If he hasn’t interviewed them he’s bought a ticket to see them perform. Antonio is putting some of the areas promising exports their first high quality video content validating and propelling careers with his commitment to telling honest stories that reflect the respect he has for anyone doing their thing for themselves and for the greater good of the culture.

Antonio is using his particular set of super powers to catalyze careers and immortalize moments in culture. Antonio’s work is the type to retro after 10 years, reveal it’s prophetic qualities. He was there, he knew, and there’s proof. The last question taken at the talk-back was asked by FRS store manager and creative director Brian Seyemore, he asked how viewers could support Antonio best. To which Antonio simply answered, “Tell somebody, and not just that you saw it but how you felt about it. Yea I think that’s it.”

Meet The videogarapher whta is telling the stories of DC.s indelible artist in a

Meet Antonio Hernandez the storyteller capturing inpiring asrtist throughout the DMV with his series #indeliblelife. He made the documentary about them when actually it should revolve around him. To read more about antonio and the #indeliblelife series make sure to click the link in our bio.

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