Album Reviews by DJ Chandler Ashton: 9th Dimension Ascension, 4 Pack (EP) and DFFRNT

DJ Chandler Ashton

9th Dimension Ascension

God Zeus & Kasey Jones

“9th Dimension Ascension” is a spiritual awakening in music. Kasey Jones is a “lyrical MC” that
possesses the delivery and cadence to get his message across. God Zeus’ tries out different
styles and shines by collaborating with someone whose skills he honestly respects. Their
collaboration was produced by Sparkheem, Trill800 & Mannyveil, and more. This 10
song project includes “Crop Circles” which exemplifies the album’s theme of “connection”. God
Zeus – “I do it for my family, I do it for my wife, the knowledge in tune, Imma live a crazy life”.

4 Pack (EP)

Bucky Malone

Bucky Malone returns with his 4 Pack (EP). Inspired by the Sega Genesis Game “6Pak”, the
melodic flows and colorful instrumentation by Roninsrealm give you the feeling of being in a
video game. Malone said when he first heard the beat, each song sounded like a level being
completed. The title “4Pack” influences the cover art and some bangers include “Triple S“ and
“McFly“. Don’t forget to check his new single “Fr“.



Vish released his first EP, “DFFRNT” with production and sounds by Nimbus. The quickly rising
uptown D.C. artist has been crafting his narrative for himself and feels that he’s just well…
DFFRNT. The EP embodies his culture, growing up in D.C., always being the oddball, and gives
the listener a chance to view him through an authentic lens. The eight-song EP includes
“Better Things” with D.C. superstar Light Show and “Love Me Now“ with up-n-comer 3OhBlack.

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