A Place to Bring Avi8ted Thoughts to Fruition

Avi8ted House is a globally focused incubator/think-tank offering members' a place to bring their Avi8ted Thoughts to fruition.
Morgan Fykes

Avi8ted House is a globally focused incubator/think-tank offering members’ a place to bring their Avi8ted Thoughts to fruition. Leveraging content, community, and capital for the sake of culture, Avi8ted is actively building a global business ecosystem, while fostering a local startup community first in our home city of Washington, D.C.  It is a labor of love and increased economics to contribute to the local and global economy. There is power in community and connections and the Avi8ted Sunday series launched to capitalize on that and to continue to connect with the community.

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Avi•8•ted | Ā-vē-ā-təd
Adjective: being morally, intellectually, and/or spiritually on a higher plane
// Spread Avi8ted Thoughts® Worldwide
Avi8ted House
A globally focused incubator/think-tank offering members’ a place to bring their Avi8ted Thoughts to fruition.

There is a clear lack of spaces and resources for people of Color and women to self-actualize and make their dreams a reality. According to Economy for All, an economic report conducted by JP Morgan and Arabella Advisors, “overall allocation of capital to Black entrepreneurs has hovered at around 1 percent since 2013. Further, female founders raised just 2 percent of all venture capital last year, which marked a $1 billion decrease from 2019.” This is the direct motivation for Avi8ted Ventures, an impact-focused venture fund currently piloting its concept of a work-play-live incubator/think-tank where minorities and women come to bring their Avi8ted thoughts to fruition. 

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The first question asked is often how was this connection and opportunity created?  The Avi8ted Thoughts concept resonated with Brian Burns III, a television producer who often scouts talent and locations, and led him to connect the Avi8ted House concept with a location that made sense architecturally. After connecting Charlton Woodyard II, CEO of Avi8ted Ventures with the developer, whom Brian had been working with for years, Charlton pitched the Avi8ted House concept. The pandemic was a difficult period for so many folks around the world and we definitely witnessed some of the struggles of development in DC and have learned a lot about what it takes to run a space.  This opportunity has allowed Avi8ted to show proof of concept and put the brand in a position to present an even clearer picture for the next building and project.  

Avi8ted WiBridgeDC

With plans to launch in the spring, Avi8ted House has been seeding the culture and preparing by hosting Avi8ted Sundays; a series of intimate events and conversations based around personal, business, and community development.  Gary Vaynerchuk, a successful popular serial entrepreneur, once said “be slow to develop your religion, but fast to build your churches”. This aligned with the slow and steady building of Avi8ted Thoughts®, but plans to scale Avi8ted House quickly based on the amount of need and opportunity in the community. On Sundays, we have been gathering to fellowship, collaborate, learn and grow together.  I have been able to witness firsthand the connections and conversations that this space has facilitated.  One of the things that new people often complain about in regards to DC is that many conversations start with, “what do you do for work?” and is often more about what you can offer, not who are you?  Here people get to show up as their full selves that extends far beyond what people may do to make money.  I believe that we have a responsibility to create and share spaces in the community to ensure that this rising tide lifts all the ships.  

Avi8ted WiBridgeDC
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