Whats going on DC
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Wale and Taraji on the Big Screen!

Welcome to another epic week. It’s a three-day weekend so I won’t keep you too long. In politics, a D.C. resident calls out Metropolitan Police Department officers who have caused harm in his community via police brutality. Checkout out the clip on BridgeTV.

Let’s move on. In general news,  do you remember my report on the red fox killing flamingos at the National Zoo? Well, that fox was put out of its misery as it was considered a threat in the zoo. Also, it looks like we have not seen the last of cicadas. Some of the flying Blood X could emerge this year. I am tired already!

In sports, The Washington Commanders have bought 200 acres of land in Woodbridge, Virginia. Let’s head to Baltimore. ESPN just announced they have started production on a “30 for 30” doc on the 2000-2001 Baltimore Ravens. Speaking of the Ravens, Kyle Fuller is back as the CB. Let’s watch Kevin Durant explain his approach to trash talking. Watch it on BridgeTV. Hurry and look!

In fashion, Malik from EAT aka All Homage shares his Shoe City display, and it’s quite epic. We talked Shoe City, now let’s talk DTLR. June Sanders introduces the Miami Drive New Balance, take a look.

In entertainment, Taraji P. Henson stars as Belle Bottom in “Minions”. Shoutout to Tabi Bonney. His product ItadiBody was selected to participate in Target’s Forward Founders Cohort. IDK explains his album and announces a tour. And, did ya know Wale was in a movie? Me either.  Take a look now on BridgeTV.

Let’s end things off with what’s happening around town. The Washington City Paper is looking for an Audience Growth and Engagement Editor. Head to their website and apply now. As we know, it’s memorial day weekend, so take a  look at 10 Events To Go To This Weekend courtesy of D.C. Now Events.

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. This sums up What’s Going On D.C.? Follow me @TheMediaPrince on everything and follow the hashtag #WGODC.