2 Dolla Performs “How You Like Me”

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2 Dollar, the artist is a home-grown, fourth-generation native Washington rapper best known for his hit ringtones (Oh My Gawd) and heavy hitter mixtapes, including “Smoking in Different Places” which garnered over 15,000 views without traditional or social media promotions; strictly word of mouth.

Watch as he performs “How You Like Me” live at Bridge Studios in S.E. Washington, D.C.

Born on June 21, 1990, in Washington DC, 2 Dollar is the grandson of the late Joseph “Joe” Tate, the legendary pioneer and founder of Go-Go music, and also a prominently well-known producer and jazz musician. He began his successful rise as an artist as the “Lead Mic” for a well-known band local “Go-Go Band Nothing 2 Loose (N2L) before forging a solo career
following the success of its ringtone hits which sold a million copies (Oh My Gawd) and its hit follows up (She gonna Let me).

He has since then released five mix-tapes four in (2013-2015) with party hit singles (Vote me for president ) and (I’m Cool). He has worked with local artists ranging from (Ant Glizzy, Kenny Iko, King Shug). Aside from his heart of music, unlike most young African-American males who lively-hood depending on JUST hustling on street corners, with a hustler’s mindset and with the support of a strong family Anzion aka 2 Dollar made it out the streets and made, a living as a bank teller. It was here that he learned about currency and took on the name 2 Dollar seeing that this rare bill was taken out of the rotation but was always in high demand. It’s what everybody wants but rarely gets; much like what music has become and what he intends to bring. This rare talent and passion could only come from the heart of a person who was truly born to perform. His musical talents are just as rare and compared to the likes of Tupac Shakur or Michael Jackson, with a Bob Marley flow. He is truly to become an Iconic figure for his generation.

// shot & edited by Bridge Studios / Recorded & Mixed by Keypoint Productions / Produced with DB Bantino for The Washington Informer Bridge & The Washington Informer.

2 Dolla Interview

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