Arts & Culture in March ‘22

Maps Glover Bring Mr. Solomon G. Brown to Life at The Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum
Lisa Brown

Maps Glover Bring Mr. Solomon G. Brown to Life at The Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Joshua Maps Glover, a D.C. native and conceptual artist, takes us back to 1852 as he brings attention to the first black Smithsonian employee, Mr. Solomon G. Brown. Mr. Brown’s narrative goes back to the Barry Farm-Hillsdale neighborhood, a settlement built by resident African Americans after the Civil War. Glover gives an oral history of the Barry Farms neighborhood, which was recently bulldozed for new development, and insight into how Mr. Brown would feel knowing how much effort it was to create such a community. “There will be more art pieces built from Solomon’s legacy soon,” says Maps. Continue to look for more adventures from the Smithsonian ANC via their website,, and follow the hashtag #ACMActivators.

Black Women Collagists are Resplendent at Mehari Square Gallery

Mehari Square Gallery has a new group exhibition titled “Resplendent’, which features collage pieces by Marryam Moma, Zoë Charlton, Heather Polk, Bria Sterling Wilson, and Khaleelah Leslie and is curated by Teri Henderson. Resplendent is defined as, attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous, and serves this show as the intricate work intends to strike patrons in their steps. On opening night the turnout was plentiful as guests admired the artwork, which ranged from Jet Magazine scraps to African sculpture cut-outs. The exhibit will be ongoing through May 10th. For more information visit

SwapDC Promotes Sustainability in the Community

SwapDC, a community organization that (up) recycles clothes, books, plants, and other materials, hosted a community Seed and Plant swap on March 27th. Members of the community came together to swap outdoor plants, houseplants, and seeds. 

SwapDC was founded by DC native, Zsameria Rayford. She is dedicated to fighting for sustainability and teaching all ages about how we all can do a much better job to protect our future. For more information check out

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